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Join one of the largest public charging networks in Europe – and access 200.121 charge points.

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Activate your card and download the App to access 200.121 charge points across Europe.

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Explore charging infrastructure near your personal top locations using our map. Find your next charge point via BMW Maps in your BMW or via the My BMW app.

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Use your BMW Charging Card or the My BMW App to start your charging session.

1. Select tariff
2. Activate card
3. Explore network
4. Start charging

Choose your tariff to access charge points across Europe.

The ultimate in e-mobility

Charge Anywhere & Anytime Europe wide

Charging anywhere at 200.121 charge points across Europe – with Green Energy. Our network has the right type of charger ready for your BMW and your charging preference. IONITY High Power Charging is also part of our extensive BMW Charging Network.

Tariffs, Packages & New Vehicle Charging Specials

Any BMW driver is eligible to use the BMW Charging Service, with a choice of tariffs and packages to meet your preference.
Customers purchasing a brand-new electrified BMW may also benefit from new vehicle offers like 12 months BP Pulse Package with no subscription fees. Any new BMW iX3, iX or i4 in addition gets 12 months IONITY Plus Package with no subscription fees. So no need for second thoughts - explore your public charging habits benefitting from attractive preferential rates.

Full Convenience & Transparency

All in one Convenience: Register once and access the whole BMW Charging network with your BMW Charging Card or via the My BMW App. Your BMW Charging Dashboard is your transparent one stop shop for your charging history and invoices (in one currency).

Connected Charging: All-in the My BMW App

Find the right public charging spot, navigate there, authenticate yourself at the charge point… and start charging. Check your state of charge remotely and review all charging interactions via the BMW Charging Dashboard. All that – as well as more features also for home charging – simply using your My BMW App.

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Enter an address and filter for relevant charge points to find the most suitable charging station near your frequently visited spots, and check its availability.

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There are two ways to redeem your voucher: either directly during registration or later in the customer area.
During registration:
You can enter your voucher code in the "Vouchers" field in the last step of registration.
In the customer area:

Log in to your customer account.
- Go to "Contracts".
- Go to "Add a voucher".
- Enter your code number in the free voucher field.
- Go to "Check voucher".

If you need further assistance, please contact Customer Service, whose contact details can be found on our website in the Support section under "Contact Support".

If you cannot start a charging session, please take into consideration the following recommendations:

Please check in advance, if the charge point is available or out of order within the app.

For the authentication via app, please first check whether the charging station supports authentication via app or QR code. You can find out by clicking on the charging station in your app. If it does, it is recommended to use the "Start" button in the app instead of scanning the QR code placed on the charging station.

In case of technical or physical problems, contact the charge point operator first. You can find the operator's service hotline on the charging station.

If the problem still remains, please contact your customer service hotline which you can find under the support page "contact support" on the website.

You can view and download your invoice via our Web Portal:
Log in to your customer account.
- Click on "invoice"
- Click on " ⤓ " to download the invoice PDF
- Click on the PDF file and open it

You can change your payment method in our Web Portal.
To change your credit card or PayPal information:
- Log in to your customer account
- Click on "account"
- Scroll down to "Payment details"
- Click on the edit function on the right (pencil icon).

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BMW Charging: The entire range of charging services.

Whether charging on the road, at home or at work - BMW Charging offers you not only a constantly growing network of charging infrastructure spanning all regions, but also the charging solution that is right for you at home or at work. You will find everything about our wallboxes, charging cables and associated services, digital charging services and charging technologies in our vehicles on our BMW website in the Charging section.

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* Compatibility of connectors depends on car model.