Green energy for charging events

Electric vehicles can only be environmentally friendly if they support the use of renewable energies. That is why we are committed to making charging events as sustainable as possible.

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Why green energy?

To make electro mobility truly sustainable, it is essential that every part of the value chain is considered. Charging is one of the most important factors.

Supporting renewable energies

BMW Charging therefore promotes the use of renewable energy and ensures that the equivalent amount of energy consumed during charging events is fed into the electricity grid as green electricity. This compensation for the amount of energy consumed is achieved through so-called Guarantees of Origin.

One centralised system

Guarantees of Origin are the established form of green energy certificates (so-called Energy Attribute Certificates – EACs) in Europe, which certify how and where electricity is produced from renewable energy sources. They are therefore also referred to as the ‘birth certificate’ of electricity. Producers of electricity from renewable energy sources can have these Guarantees of Origin issued by independent registration bodies for the amount of electricity they produce and feed into the grid.


Together with our partners, we acquire Guarantees of Origin for charging events from BMW Charging and ‘redeem’ them (i.e. mark them as used). The Guarantees of Origin used here guarantee that electricity from renewable fuel sources was fed into the network. In this way, BMW Charging supports environmentally friendly forms of power generation.

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